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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another story from the BBC showing that Labour is not producing results for Wales, In fact if you look at inward investment figures Wales was better off with the ‘bogeyman’ Conservatives rather than the ‘natural’ Labour party.

I disagree with the fact that Wales has not got the talent – myself being educated to level 7 and being stonewalled out of the jobs market by being over qualified and under experienced.

However, Labour has failed to address this weakness or the perceived/actual lack of skills, and with the previous story of an educational system on the brink. It is time to stop this blind loyalty for Labour. Vote for change.

Key points (Click here for full text)

Wales is not attracting high quality inward investment due to "appalling" skill levels and a poor education system, an academic has told MPs.

John Ball told the Welsh Affairs Select Committee a key plank of the assembly government's economic strategy was "cloud cuckoo land".

Wales once attracted up to a fifth of inward investment into the UK.

Dr Ball, an economics lecturer of Swansea University, said the skills were not there for inward investors. Something serious, he said, had to be done about education.

He accused the assembly government of prioritising industries in decline.

He said to talk of attracting financial services and research and development jobs was "cloud cuckoo land" because of poor levels of education in Wales.

He said the assembly government needed to do more to promote Welsh exports abroad rather than look for external investors.

According to the Welsh Affairs Select Committee during the late 1980s and much of the 1990s, Wales was successful in attracting inward investment, with the nation regularly gaining around 15% of the inward investment and associated jobs coming to the UK.

It said Wales had attracted 4.7% of all inward investment in the UK during the past 10 years.

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