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Wednesday, March 30, 2011
  2011 0330 – GOVERNMENT DEBT

Labour in opposition are adamant that the banks should pay their fair share of the national debt, as it was their irresponsibility and carelessness in financial transactions that forced the government to shell out to bail them out. One wonders now that the Ian Watmore (the then head of Tony Blair's e-Government Unit in 2004) says that many of Labours IT projects were commissioned unnecessarily to make the policy “sound sexy” whether they will stick to this principle. Speaking to the public administration committee, Mr Watmore, claims to have already saved £2 billion in Whitehall efficiencies. Since Mr Watmore was tasked by the coalition to reduce waste, the message could be politically motivated, however, should Labour be forced to repaying the money they irresponsibly used to “make their policy sound sexy”, just as the banks are being forced to contribute for their carelessness?

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