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Friday, April 01, 2011

I have often said that Labour have no intrinsic desire or need to produce results for Wales. They have a natural majority at the moment based on the poor social and economic condition that we are experiencing. Carwyn Jones (First Minister) has said that the conditions exist because of the recessions in the late 1980’s. However, after 12 years of Labour government in Cardiff and 13 years of coinciding Labour Government in Westminster – Labour have failed to produce any results. Their reward for their failure is being able to make many promises at the forthcoming election.

Welsh Labour failed to address the unfair funding when they had the ability to do, now they are criticising the yearling coalition government for failing to create a fair funding system, saying Labour would have resolved the issue after the 2010 general election. Labour deliberately does nothing to help Wales knowing that the people of Wales will turn to Labour when in need.

This symbiosis, not symbiosis (since that is mutually beneficial) but rather this cycle of abuse akin to an alcoholic partner, who lurches from neglect to abuse, is as damaging to Wales as it would be for any individual.

Labour has done nothing but neglect Wales, and despite their growing voice in opposition, we must not forget that in power Labours voice is slurred with indifference.

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