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Sunday, April 10, 2011

We all know that Labour a liking to highlight all the cuts of the coalition government, trying to make as much political capital out of responsible politicians rectifying the mistakes of their government. However, in Swansea yesterday the socialist workers party was proclaiming loudly that the Conservatives are cutting cancer nurses. They might be in England, however, the Conservatives are the only party in Wales that are guaranteeing the NHS budget.

Failing to recognise that this is a devolved issue is deliberately misleading the Welsh public, it misrepresents the fact that Labour would cut the NHS in Wales but the Conservatives would conserve it.

I would discuss the wisdom of promising to conserve the budge at current levels since it conserves every duplicated managerial post, every superfluous managerial post, and every inefficiently in the NHS, but that is off topic.

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